PBA Live!

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This is a chance for all of those who crave to be on television or to create their own television show to do just that! Whether it is a talk show, a news show, a comedy show, stand-ups, music show, sports show, cooking show or an opinionated show, PBA Live! will have the setup to fit all of your needs. **Porn or anything sexually or violently explicit is not condoned.  PBA Live! is also offered as a 10-month training course for those ages 8-18 who express an interest in learning media production.



The 10-month program focuses on students ages 8-18 who show an interest in television production. PBA Live! trains students in the core radio, television and news media broadcasting skills needed to bring stories to life on-air and on the web.

A blended curriculum provides students with online learning, hands-on experience, and on-site training, and a television news and radio stations studio tour. The program is also focused on teaching students the fundamentals of quality digital video production, proper production techniques, editing and technical operation.

Successful graduates of the program will have experience in:

  • Delivering on-air news, sports, and feature stories
  • Writing news stories for on-air broadcast
  • Marketing and managing company branding via web and social media
  • Editing program material using non-linear editing stations
  • Operating professional news gathering equipment
  • Working with industry-standard software programs to create audio, video and graphic effects



Prior to your scheduled rental time, client will sign a contract with PBA Live! The contract will describe the setup desired to shoot the type of television show, pricing and equipment. All furniture will be provided, if additional pieces would like to be brought in, PBAL! must be notified in case any damages are caused during the moving in and out of the personal pieces. PBAL! Is not responsible for any personal property brought into the facility.


Cameras, lighting, DVD’s, mics, and film equipment may be used at additional price. Any damages to the equipment will be charged to clients account.

If client would like to use their own film equipment, that will need to be communicated to PBAL! so that our equipment may be moved out of the way.


The clients are responsible for bringing their own flash cards/memory cards for the cameras. PBAL! may provide memory cards, but all information will be deleted after use, otherwise the client may purchase flash card from PBAL! Clients are also responsible for their own radio slave and scripts.


A 50% deposit is required at scheduling and must be made at least 24 hours before filming. We ask that you take very good care of the provided equipment and stage props. PBAL! Takes pride in providing our clients with good quality pieces. No food or drink is allowed in or around the filming area, unless client is shooting a cooking segment.

1 Day Session $150 $75
2 Day Session $250 $150
3 Day Session $350 $220
4-6 Day Session $450-$550-$650 $300-$375-$450


If the client would like for PBA Live! to order specific pieces for the client to use for their show, a 7-day filming commitment must be established with a signed contract and a 50% non-refundable deposit of the expected time to be spent in our filming studio. Specific dates and times are required.