Music Class & Studio Recording


Record In Studio

Studio sessions are $39.99. You must arrive to studio with music and lyrics ready! Music will be edited, and emailed to client same day! No Age Requirement.

We Also Offer:

Complete (1) Song Distribution Deals, which includes:
1. Beat Creation
2. Music Licensing and Copywriters Set-up for new artist, Including Publishing.
3. 30 minute Rehearsal prior to recording
4. 2-Hour Studio Time
5. Song Mixed And Mastered
6. Artwork Created for Online Stores
7. Client Song Uploaded on “All Music Platforms for sales

Music Class

Music Classes are offered 2-days per week for 1 hour & 15 minutes, and the student learns to read music for $95 per month.

Students must rent their own instruments.

The PBA Royal Music Program is a sponsor of the “Deblon Jackson School Of Music.”  Beginning at age 5, with no age limit, students are introduced to an invigorating setting that allows them to grasp the art of piano, flute, guitar, saxophone, clarinet, string instruments, drums and many other instruments that may be of interest to that student.  Our Director, Dablon Jackson, provides a stimulating atmosphere with her skill, dedication, and love for the craft.

Classes will consist of musical note reading, music appreciation, instrumental or vocal performance. Students will be provided an hour of class time, with the goal of learning to perform alone, and with others. Students will practice their instrument of choice and will be encouraged to learn a rhythm instrument such as bass, drums, piano and percussion along with other instruments and vocals.

Students are encouraged to be creative and respectful to themselves and others. Students are encouraged after being proficient on an instrument to write and arrange music after careful practice and understand of notation and technologies that enhance learning.

These children are expected to be encouraged by their parents, relatives, and friends.   Parents should accompany their children in an after school setting and to ensure the proper pick up of children in a timely manner. Very young talented students would need their parents to make sure that the potty arrangements would be correct.

Students perform throughout the city of Detroit at a variety of events and jazz clubs.  This is done to develop both skill and comfort.