Dance Classes



PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School offers a variety of dance for ages 2 and up, and will be broken into these age groups ages 3-4, 5-7, 8-11, 12+

Type Of Class
  • Ballet
  • Modern
  • Hip Hop
  • Tap
  • Ethnic
  • Praise Dance
  • Majorette

For Ages 5 and up

Price Per Class Students may pay per class, if they do not want to pay monthly fee. $10
2 Classes 2 times / week $65 / month
3 Classes 3 times / week $95 / month
4 Classes 4 times / week $110 / month


For Ages 3-4

1 Class 1 time / week $35 / month

For ages 4 years plus, If student is enrolled in 1 class, for an example, a ballet class, that class meets twice per week.  Students enrolled in 2 classes per week, will have 4 classes during the week, because each of those classes in which the student is enrolled meets twice per week.

For ages 2-3, students meet 1 time per week for a 40-minute class.  The class offers a variety of dance types; including ballet, tap, pom hop, and ethnic.  Parents are more than welcome to join in on the fun with their Royal Tot’s during class. Unlike the ages 4 and up dance classes, the Royal Tot’s will not have a recital every 6 months.  These 35-minute classes are for your toddler(s) to build skills, body coordination, and mental attention, in preparation to join more advanced classes as they grow.

Tardiness and Attendance:

Dancers are expected to be on time for class, important warm-ups will be missed if a student is late. Coming in late also disrupts other students. If a dancer is 10 minutes late for class, he or she must ask permission to enter the class. Dancer may then be asked to sit and watch, if too many warm-ups are missed. Three tardies are equivalent to one absence.

Attendance is key when enrolled in the dance courses. Recitals are held every 6 months. If a student misses 3 classes they cannot perform during the recital unless they can show that they are able to catch up on the routine. If a student has missed 4 classes there is no reconsideration. PBA Royal Performing Arts and Training School believes that it is important for students to gain a sense of responsibility and commitment to themselves and their classmates. It is also necessary for a dancer to attend his/her classes regularly to continue progressing with the rest of the class.

Dress Code:

Our dress code is in place to help the dance instructor easily identify a dancer’s problem areas and correct their technique. We will not make exceptions for dancers who do not follow dress code. Girls in dance subjects including ballet, jazz and lyrical, are to wear solid colored, plain leotards without attached skirts or designs. Tights must be pink, or tan, or black in color. Hair must be secured up off the neck and no jewelry is allowed. Ballet shoes are required for ballet, and jazz shoes are required for both jazz and lyrical dance.

Girls enrolled in Pom Hop and ethnic can either wear the same attire as those in ballet jazz, tap and lyrical dance or may wear work out clothing such as yoga pants and tee shirt with gym shoes or jazz shoes. Boys in all dance subjects are to wear solid colored dance pants or sweat pants, with a solid colored tank top or tight fitting t-shirt with gym shoes or jazz shoes.


Tuition payments for all programs are formatted the same. Tuition is divided into 3 payments for convenience. Full tuition is due by week 10, otherwise the student or trainee may not finish session. The first part of the 3-part tuition is due at registration, the second part of tuition is due 15 days later, while the last part of tuition is due at week 10.

Tuition may be made with cash, card, or money orders, no checks will be accepted. Tuition is pro-rated for students that enroll late, students may enroll during month 4 to perform in the recital.  Students may enroll during months 5 and 6 if there are enough students to create another class with their own training and schedule, otherwise those students will have to wait for the next session to begin. Please keep all receipts and bring exact change if possible. If there is any problem with payments you must be prepared to show your receipt; without a receipt, no adjustment can be made. The front desk is not authorized to make any exceptions, so please make sure your tuition is paid.

Families of 2 or more will receive a 10% discount.  Family must show that they live in the same household, or are siblings.