The Royal Room

Need space for a Birthday Party, Baby Shower, Brunch, Graduation Party, Photo Shoot, Dance or Music Rehearsal, or do you even need space to run your business (We have classroom space available)? PBA Royal has the Royal Rooms you need!

In our 4000 sqft building, you have the capability to host any event or practice space you can imagine! We have a kitchen for meal preparations and 4 restrooms for all of your guest.  Call for capacity numbers, because each room holds a different amount of people.

What We Provide:

The Royal Room provides a state of the art, Bluetooth stereo, kitchen, tables and chairs, and secure entry and exit.

What We Need from You:

$100 deposit on a credit card for events, and a $15 deposit for if you are renting space for dance or music rehearsal.  We also need your signature to insure that the Royal Room will be in the same condition as when you arrived and if anything in the PBA Royal facility goes missing. There is a $80 Cleaning deposit. If The Royal Room is left in disarray, the $80 will not be refunded, if Royal Room is cleaned, $40 will be returned unto renter. 




Photo Shoot

$385 Events (up to 4 hours)
$600/Month Use Facility for Business Space